Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Once Upon A Time In The West

Once Upon A Time In The West
1968 -- Rated PG
Director: Sergio Leone
Henry Fonda, Charles Bronson, Jason Robards, Claudia Cardinale

Truly Sergio Leone was one of the greatest directors of our time. In his hands silence, emptiness, voids, wide open spaces become integrel characters. Once Upon A Time In The West is in my opinion his greatest work. The opening sequence at the depot with its austere silence, coupled with the extreme closeups sets the tone for this exceptional film. Leone’s use of music in his films obviously sets him apart from his peers. In Once Upon A Time... each of the main characters has thier own musical theme which is set up in layers culminating in a rich full orchestral sound by the films end. Leone’s selection of Fonda (one of the iconic good guys of the American screen) as a villain is pure genious. Robards, Bronson and Cardinale flesh out this film in perfect fashion. A lengthy film Once Upon A Time... is mesmerizing from start to finish. Leone’s best work.

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