Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Body

The Body
2001 -- Rated PG13
Director: Jonas McCord
Antonio Banderas, Olivia Williams

This suspense thriller isn't necessarily the best film in the genre that I have ever seen, nor is it Banderas' best work, though he still carries the film on his shoulders quite well. What makes this film one worth watching is the entire premise it is built around - an archeological dig that discovers the skeletal remains that date to the first century and fits perfectly with the description of the crucified Christ. The obvious implication of the physical body of Christ being found would cause the destruction of the worlds greatest religion - Christianity - if proven to be true. Banderas as a priest sent by the Vatican to investigate is wonderful to watch as he unravels the mystery and fights to retain his faith in the face of the mounting evidence. Well worth watching just for the whole concept.

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