Tuesday, December 27, 2005


1995 -- Rated R
Director: Robert Rodriguez
Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Joaquim de Almeida

This is the second in the Mariachi trilogy of films by Robert Rodriguez and is the best of the three. The violence in this film is so high as to be almost comical, indeed it comes off as a dark comic book and without question Banderas is totally captivating in his role as El Mariachi, a man who played guitar until the gangster Bucho has his henchmen kill El Mariachi's girl then shoot his hands, thus ending his playing days. El Mariachi thus embarks on a killing spree as he attempts to track down Bucho. Also starring Cheech Marin, Desperado is a sexy, violent film that is way over the top. Along with his missle and machine gun guitar case toting compadres, the trio of Mariachi's decidedly destroy the town. The true highlight of this film is the exceptional music assembled for the soundtrack. In particular is the phenomenal opening tune which Banderas himself sings. Banderas and Hayek are smoldering on screen.

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